Herbert William Wagner, painted in oil on masonite and was very prolific. He painted frequently with Tom Thompson, a member of the Group of Seven, in the Algonquin area from 1912 to the time of Tom Thompson's death in 1917.  

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Born September 11, 1891, Herbert  spent his life painting the tranquil landscapes of the Haliburton Highlands and Algonquin area. He did his own framing and held many art shows in West Toronto where he was born and raised.

Herbert married Coral Gates of Oak Avenue in Toronto and had four children; Bill, George, John and Elizabeth Wagner.

To supplement his income Herbert was a practiced magician performing many shows for various community organizations. He raised his family of four from his art and his magic.  

In the 1930's, during The Great Depression, he further supplemented his income by providing sign writing services to local West Toronto merchants, often writing on merchant windows the specials of the day. Signs remain a part of his legacy with his, son George opening Wagner Signs in 1939. Two of his grandsons have also gone on to own their own sign companies.

Herbert made countless trips by train up to Haliburton where he would stay at the famed Wigamog Lodge and many other local family owned resorts, who came to know him well.  Herbert painted landscape scenes, particularly in the fall and winter. He would trade paintings for food and board. Returning to his West Toronto home he would make frames, frame the landscapes and go back up to Haliburton in the summer to sell the paintings to home and land owners from which the paintings were inspired.

Herbert Wagner passed away in 1948 at the early age of 57. His paintings are scattered all across the Haliburton Highlands and Algonquin area.  The paintings are regularly sold today through several art dealers. His listings in the Canadian Art Sales Index, show countless sales of his work at auction in Canada.



Herbert William Wagner 1916

Herbert William Wagner 1916